The Virtual Enterprise is here!

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It’s been a few since I last blogged. To the 3 people who read this. Thank you. And you will only here more from me as we grow. We had to take a step back at tekGiants and think who we are as a visionary entity. We are not you normal IT company fixing computers and viruses all day, although its helped us grow.

Often people misunderstood what we do and how we do business. Therefore after attending the cloud expo a few months ago, I determined one thing. Even a small company can be a visionary amongst thousands of behemoth Cloud Companies. With that said, our HIVE VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE product is really addressing true value areas in which we never imagined. Recently I read an ad for Citrix and it was almost identical to our first ads published years ago (phone rings at attorneys office). This made me think, wow we are in the right spot and what we need to be focusing on. Obviously by doing so, attention has shifted away from our managed services side of our business because After all, we all should figure, automated tools have been replacing human interaction with the systems for maintenance reasons, and will only continue to diminish our foot in the sand. If you are an IT professional and think otherwise, look for a new career, or open any trade magazine. Therefore, the Virtual Enterprise, the “I want it anywhere, anyplace” era is here. Mesh computing, mainframe computing, and the over-abused cloud computing revolution is bringing business to entirely new areas of IT transparency. After all, as IT professionals our jobs are to ensure companies keep the IT budgets down, and invisible with the “I just want it to work” part of their businesses consistent. Thus, the Virtual Enterprise is born and cloud computing becomes a buzz term for other IT companies to keep the doors open. The place where SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, all align to be one transparent platform. This was my vision over 4 years ago. Along with my partner Dana Dearth, since 2005, we have been putting this vision into motion. Today, we are breaking new ground within our industry with zero capital injection and pure organic growth (along with blood, sweat,and many hours). We are truly excited to see what will be of this new position in our market. (kids are screaming for me so I’ll write more soon).

More to follow…

Come see our booth at the Golden 100 for a free demo, sign up to get a free iPad 2 and a free gift at the show. We look forward to meeting you all!

Tony Greco
TekGiants, Inc.

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