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Since the passing of the great Steve Jobs, the excitement of new product announcements, the lack of product improvements (ie-iPad3), and the meek personality of Tim Cook. Not sure he has the “Tiger Blood” Jobs did…not to mention the drive to innovate, think, and create sexy products that just work.

Dont worry Apple, you still have me, less my recent iPhone swap. But I enjoy the power my G5 brings my music studio. This is the most important aspect of what kept Apple so successful and keeps me coming back. Well this has since changed with the release of Google’s suite of 8 billion apps, items and the fact they could trace my phone from where I lived when I was 3. I have been doing allot of research and I predict Google will surpass Apple. I would also keep my eye on Amazon. After all, they have been cloud the longest. Pioneered some great products, but lets stick with Apple and Google.

Google has impressed me with the speed of the dual core. All android phone are built to run as fast as possible. Not to mention the graphics on the new apps are stellar. Since I have used Google Chrome since Beta, I have to applaud Google for the sync.

From a new Android user, here are my main differences:

1. Apple’s setup is easier. However, when you do get Google up and running it puts iCloud to shame.
2. The damn battery on the 4S killed me. 3 phones, and some high-school Genius to rebuild my phone. I said to him, this is 6 years I spent setting this thing up. No thanks. I will stick with my iPad. That I love. But iPhone has many flaws. Nothing is perfect. I just want to make a phone call without it dropping by 945am with no juice.
3. Endless Apps (Open Source) which gives developers the ability to develop apps that can really push the limits of the users’ phone. Like running on dual core or not. Apple. NOPE.
4. Did I say iCloud, the red-headed step child of mobile me. Both don’t work. Sorry Apple. Needs work. BIG TIME!!!
5. I bought a Samsung Note. Very impressed. A bit big, but if you are a big guy/gal and have a hand that doesnt mind the size, this phone is just amazing. Full writing anywhere. GPS is dead on. Apps are well done. A++

Furthermore, I do think Apple is losing momentum. Yes I hear all your stock junkies. Their stock is always rising. But my bet is on Google for the next cloud leader.

In the Clouds,
Tony Greco
tekgiants, Inc.

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Salt says:

March 26, 2012 at 4:29 am

Apple is loosing momentum and it’s not now, it has been happening for some months already, Apple stop telling how many iPhone selling and now only give app download numbers in a way to hide those facts. Also on the Mac Computer I guess you will agree, software developing is slow, and buggy, iWeb is abandonware, Final Cut Pro has been a mess and it almost completely abandoned Mac OS X 10.6.8, they almost just want to sell new hardware and not new software in a way to get more profit.

tekgiants says:

April 24, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I can agree Salt. However, like typical Apple Style I am sure they have a release up their sleeve. Something big is coming with them. Perhaps my speculation is:

1. Smaller iPad, iPhone
2. Integrated iPod Cube Nano that has phone
3. More powerful Air or a hybrid Pro/Air
4. An Apple Robot that sucks your bank accounts dry. Oh wait, that is there now…:)

Thank you for the post.


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